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Find Out How CL&W is Committed To The Environment

CL&W strives to be an environmental leader. We try to demonstrate this commitment through our actions. CL&W pledges to think creatively and work cooperatively to increase our use of clean and renewable energy, reduce the impacts of our community, protect sensitive habitats, and work locally to help our customers use energy more efficiently.

Using energy more efficiently is more than simply the right thing to do—it saves our customers money on their energy bills. It is also the fastest, most cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat global climate change.

Partnering With Our Customers

CL&W, along with its business partners, offers a full package of energy efficiency products and services for our customers, including rebates and incentives, energy analyses, training and education, and more.

Bringing New Technologies To You

CL&W’s Outage Management System is a critical part of our efforts to minimize the amount of time customers are without power during an outage.

The Outage Management System efficiently tracks outages, reduces outage downtime, and proactively and safely guides CL&W crews during restoration events. Customers will have access to more frequent information concerning outages, which in turns enable them to adequately respond. Ultimately, it empowers customers to have first hand and reliable outage management information.


Our Community

CL&W employees are actively woven into our community, which we are proud to serve


Outreach & Engagement

CL&W has a long history of support for our community, where we live and work. We recognize the importance of turning good intentions into positive action. It's not only good business. It is also simply the right thing to do. After all, we live here too, and our customers are our neighbors.

Partnering with our local schools is part of our commitment to support education and teach kids about energy and responsible use of resources.

At CL&W, we are helping to build a healthy, vibrant community through volunteering, financial support, low-income initiatives, technology and clean energy advocacy.

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